Coffee Time Gaming

Old School Gaming with a Twist

Coffee Time Gaming is a Greek gaming community created by Gamers in their 30s, who want to share gaming with others.

Here is hosted the Greek Citizen community - Prime Citizen - as the Greek Bar Citizen!


Coffee Time Gaming

We love Pc gaming. If you are looking for an active Division 2 clan search us ingame [CTG] Coffee Time.

Also we are playing Borderlands 3, Monster Hunter.
Currently recruiting for our New World and Fractured Guilds.



Prime Citizen

Prime Citizen is a Greek Star Citizen community solely created to bring the Greek Star Citizens closer together and remain agnostic to Organizations, Guilds, and Clans


Bar Citizen Greece

Bar Citizen Greece was created to support all Greek events. We are in direct contact with the official bar Citizen

Bar Citizen is a generic term for Star Citizen fan events.


Coffee Time Gaming